La saga des arrêts de la Cour de justice sur le domaine d’applicabilité dans l’espace de la directive 86/653/CEE relative à la coordination des droits des États membres concernant les agents commerciaux indépendants se poursuit. Un récent arrêt Agro Foreign Trade (CJUE, 16 fév. 2017, aff. C-07/15) est l’occasion d’y revenir avec ce double prisme : le droit européen est confronté à des situations complexes et le droit international privé (DIP) est ici son cas d’école.

The saga of the judgments of the Court of Justice on the field of spatial applicability of Directive 86/653 / EEC of 18 December 1986 on the coordination of the laws of the Member States relating to independent commercial agents continues. The recent judgment Agro Foreign Trade (CJEU, 16 Feb. 2017, Case C-07/15) is an opportunity to reiterate this dual prism: European law is confronted with complex situations and private international law (PIL) is here his case study.

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Ius Commune Casebook

European Law and Private Law

Hart Publishing, March 2017, 528 p.

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Border Crossing Phenomena and the Law

IFITIS Research Programme 2016 – 2021

Full presentation of the project (13 pages): 

Supported by:

  • Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) : Senior Project (2016/2021) located in the University of Lyon (Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 – Law Faculty – EDIEC/CREDIP)

Next Steps of the Research Programme:

  • Closed workshops in France – Circulation and PIL (Lyon – CREDIP/EDIEC), Data (Lyon – IXXI), Persons (Bayonne-CDRE), Civil Law (Lyon-EDP) – March-May 2017
  • Closed workshop in Belgium (Louvain-la-Neuve, 11 May 2017)
  • Closed workshop in Israel (Herzliya, June 2017)
  • Closed workshops in Brazil (São Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro – September 2017)
  • Closed workshops in US (Seattle) and Canada (Montréal – Québec) – (November 2017)
  • Articles in progress (Data Foundations and Circulation ; Data Flows beyond Control ; Law & Economics : Flows of Capital beyond Control – The Conversation : series of 5 articles)
  • Books in progress: « Global Phenomena and Social Sciences » (collective work to be published by Springer in 2017) – « Au-delà du contrôle : Pour une meilleure compréhension des phénomènes complexes de circulation » (en préparation)


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GIP Justice (Decision 14.18) French Ministry of Justice Mission « Law and Justice »

Project « Legal and Sociological Analysis of the French Context considering Foreign Practices (Belgium, United-Kingdom, Israel) Related to Filiation of Children conceived through Surrogacy Abroad »


EHESS (Paris) in coll. with Univ. Lyon 3

Coord. K. Parizer-Krief, S. Mathieu, M.-A. Hermitte, J.-S. Bergé

Contribution on : PIL, Recognition of Foreign Situations and Full Movement beyond Control of  Children Conceived through Surrogacy Abroad

Interdisciplinary Center (IDC)

Radzyner School of Law

Herzliya (Israël)

Introductory Course on Law and Globalization

June 2017


Global Phenomena and Social Sciences

Eds J.-S. Bergé, S. Harnay, U. Mayrhofer, L. Obadia

Table of contents

In progress

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The Gap between Legal Disciplines, Blind Spot of the Research in Law:

Remarks on the Operation of Private International Law in the EU

Available at SSRN:

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Edward Elgar Publishing

Operating Law in a Global Context – Comparing, Combining and Prioritising

Jean-Sylvestre Bergé and Geneviève Helleringer

To be published, June 2017

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Cycle pluriannuel (2017/2021)
Sur le thème « Approche pluridisciplinaire des phénomènes : interrogation croisée du droit, des sciences dures, humaines ou sociales »
Journée du 3 février 2017



Multiannual cycle (2017/2021)
On the theme “Multidisciplinary approach to phenomena: questioning across the law, the pure, human and social sciences »
Day of 3 February 2017




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Ritsumeikan Law Review

Cross-Border Movement and the Law: for an  Epistemological Approach

34 (2017) 1-22

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IFITIS Project

Full Movement Beyond Control and the Law

Japanese workshops (14 – 18 January 2017)

  • Tokyo, Keio University (coord. Prof. Naoko Kano)
  • Osaka – Kyoto, Osaka University  – Ritsumeikan University (coord. Prof.  Etsuko Yoshida & Prof. Asako Hatanaka)


Keio University 

Symposium on « Globalization of Japanese Companies and International Corporate Legal Practice Focus on Tax and IP Issues »

In collaboration with University of Washington

Presentation on: « Recent Trends in Free Trade and Implications on IP: the Issue of the Brexit »

Coord. Prof. T. Toshiko Takenaka

Tokyo, 14 January 2017



Keio University Law School

Legal Education: Present and Future Global Changes

Tokyo, 13 January 2017

Presentation on: « Global Studies, Global Students, Global Lawyers : an European Perspective »


La propriété intellectuelle en dehors de ses frontières

Colloque du CUERPI – Université de Grenoble-Alpes

Grenoble, 2 décembre 2016

Intervention sur le thème : la circulation des droits de propriété intellectuelle


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AMU ceric




Séminaires d’automne :


Instituto Jurídico Portucalense (IJP)

Wine & Law Conference – International Research Network

Porto, 10 – 11 Nov. 2016

Présentation on : Operating Wine Law in a Global Context




Law and the datasphere: an emerging legal realm 

We need new laws to regulate the world’s newest frontier: the datasphere

In coll. with S. Grumbach

20 October 2016

The rise of information technologies – smartphones, sensors spread across public and private spaces, data analytics, real time systems – has led to the production of considerable amounts of data on human activity and the world around us. Data gave rise to a new space, the “datasphere”, a sort of image of the physical world, with traces of activities – including our position at any given moment, our exchanges, the temperature of our homes, financial movements, trading of goods or road traffic. All of this poses a new challenge to the law, which has to define its own relationship with this modern sphere…

Click here to read the rest of this article on the blog « The Conversation Global »

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IFITIS Project

Full Movement Beyond Control and the Law

Brazilian workshops (25 oct. – 4 nov.)

  • São Paulo – USP – IEA – Federal Court: Multidisciplinary Approach – Circulation of situations and Private International Law – Full Movement of Data (coord. Prs A. Pastore, G. Monaco, N. de Lucca)
  • Brasilia – UNICEUB – IDP: Full Movement of Money (Bitcoin case) – Public Policy (coord. Prs M. Marinho ; M. S. Victor)
  • Rio de Janeiro – UERJ – IAB: Cross-Border Phenomena and the Law (coord. Pr J. G. Assis de Almeida)


Un besoin de droit ?

A propos de la recherche IFITIS sur « La circulation totale au-delà du contrôle et le Droit »

Soutenue par l’Institut Universitaire de France (projet sénior 2016-2021)


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Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 – Année 2016/2017

Master 2 – Droit international privé et comparé

Master 2 – Droit européen des affaires

Lecture on: Operating Law in a Global Context

October 2016




Université de Toulouse – Capitole – University of Dundee

Double Degree Master 2 / LLM in European and Comparative Private International Law

Lecture : Intellectual Property Law in a Global Context

Toulouse, Sept. 2016

International IPL – LLM Lyon, sept. 2016

publié le 20 août, 2016


University of Jean Moulin (Lyon)

LL.M in International and European Business Law

Lecture on International Intellectual Property Law : Operating Intellectual Property Law in a Global Context

September, 2016

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In association with the Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 (Faculté de droit – EDIEC) & the GDR CNRS ELSJ

European Joint Master Program (EJMP) – Policing in Europe

Module IV : Legal and Regulatory Aspects of International and European Police Cooperation

Residential week

Lyon (ENSP) Sept. 2016



Legal Thinking as an International Private Standard of the Law (June 22, 2016).

Available at SSRN:

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The law of the AFSJ is a law of intersections ! It is a composite law, straddling numerous legal constructions and raising important questions surrounding its implementation. On the back of a year of current affairs commented upon in the GDR CNRS AFSJ Blog, we might ask what is covered by the term “Area”, in the “Territories” that define it, and what are the ways lawyers understand and interpret them in terms of “Contexts”.

To follow…

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