An online event titled Coordinating Brussels Ia with other Instruments of EU Law: A Roundtable on Theoretical and Practical Issues will take place on 24 September 2020, at 3 pm (CET).

The purpose of the event, organised by the Universities of Genoa, Nice, Valencia, and Tirana, is to present the first results of the investigation conducted under the EU co-funded research project En2Bria – Enhancing Enforcement under Brussels Ia, which aims to shed light on the terms whereby the relationship between the Brussels I bis Regulation and other EU law instruments is to be handled.

The conference will be chaired by Chiara E. Tuo (Univ. Genoa). Speakers include Jean-Sylvestre Bergé (Univ. Nice), Guillermo Palao Moreno (Univ. Valencia), Giulio Cesare Giorgini (Univ. Nice), Rosario Espinosa Calabuig (Univ. Valencia), Rosa Lapiedra Alcami (Univ. Valencia), Isabel Reig Fabado (Univ. Valencia), and Stefano Dominelli (Univ. Genoa).

See here for further information.

Those interested in attending the conference are invited to write an e-mail to Stefano Dominelli at

Droit et objets connectés / The Law and Connected Objects

Dir./ Eds I. Parachkévova-Racine, J.-B. Racine, Th. Marteu

Larcier, 2020, 269 p.

Contributions :

  • Objets connectés et risque de fascination technologico-juridique / Connected objects and the risk of techno-legal fascination
  • Objets connectés et le modèle juridique des « systèmes complexes » / Connected objects and the legal model of “complex systems”
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Lecture on « Advanced Introduction to Global Law »

Master degree in « Business Law » – 1rst year

Academic year: 2020/2021

Syllabus and readings available on

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IFITIS Research Programme on « Full Movement beyond Control and the Law »

Supported by Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) – Senior Project (2016/2021)

Hosted by GREDEG, CNRS, UCA, Nice, France (2018-2021)
Hosted by EDIEC, UJML3, Lyon, France (2016-2018)

The purpose of the IFITIS research is to bring into the law a new legal approach in order to deal with phenomena provoked by humans and called « full movement beyond control » (persons, data, capital, waste).

General presentation of the original project (October 2015 – 13 pages): 


  • Working papers in progress: Series of five articles on « Full Movement beyond Control and the Law » – SSRN – HAL – 2021
  • Book in progress: The IFITIS project has as its central point the publication of an essay, which can be read by both legal and non-legal audiences on « Les situations en mouvement et le droit » – Dalloz – coll. Méthodes du droit – 2021) –
  • Book published: « Le sens des libertés économiques de circulation / The Sense of Economic Freedoms of Movement » (ouvrage collectif sous la dir. de /collective book edited by J.-S. Bergé, G.-C. Giorgini – Bruylant – coll. Droit Economie International – 2020, 422 pages) –
  • Book published: J.-S. Bergé, S. Harnay, U. Mayrhofer, L. Obadia (eds), Global Phenomena and Social Sciences – An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approach, Springer, 2017, 126 pages –
  • Articles published or to be published (from 2016 to today): 41 (see list below)

Annual Multidisciplinary, International and Comparative Conferences and Doctoral Sessions :

Workshops and conferences:

  • Workshops and conferences in France, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Japan, Israel,  Italy, United-States,  United Kingdom (from 2016 to today): 67 (see list below)

Latest newsletter:

Next Events of the IFITIS Research Programme:

  • Conference in Nice – UCA – ERMES – CERDP – presentation on « Le pont, métaphore juridique des circulations internationales » – October 2020 –
  • Conference in Rennes – SFDE – IODE CNRS – Urgence(s) écologiques : quelle(s) urgence(s) pour le droit ? – presentation on: « Sortir de l’urgence : accepter notre perte totale de contrôle » – October 2020 –
  • Conference in Lyon – UJML3 – CREDIP – presentation on « Les situations en mouvement et le droit : débat sur la méthode » – November 2020
  • Conference in Nice – UCA – GREDEG – presentation on « Les situations en mouvement et le droit : libre-propos / discussion-libre sur une pérégrination de recherche » – December 2020
  • Conference in Nimes (Université) – presentation on « Epistémologie théorique et pratique de la circulation en droit de la responsabilité civile » – February 2021
  • Conference in Strasbourg – U. de Strasbourg – MISHA – CNRS DRES – presentation on « Européaniser la mobilité : pour une approche antécédente et pluridisciplinaire des circulations »  – June 2021
  • Conference in Nice – UCA – SFPJ – presentation on (in coll. with P.-Y. Quiviger) « La part implicite du droit : présentation et comparaison des approches antécédentes et computationnelles » – September 2021
  • Conference in Louvain-La-Neuve – UCL – presentation on « Déconstruire et reconstruire le droit sur la circulation et son contrôle » (conférence d’étape du projet IFITIS) – Initially scheduled for March 2020, postponed to a later date –
  • Conference in Bayonne – Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour – CDRE – presentation on « Les rapports entre confiance mutuelle et espace de circulation » – Initially scheduled for May 2020, postponed to a later date
  • Conference in Moscow – Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia – Annual Meeting on « Migrations 2020 » – conference on  « Migration, Law and Lost of Control » – Initially scheduled for May 2020, postponed to a later date
  • Conference in Paris – U. Paris I, U. Poitiers, UCA – conference on « La circulation totale dans le champ global » – Initially scheduled for June 2020, postponed to a later date
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Edited by Claudia Lima Marques and Gustavo Cerqueira

YK Editora, 2020.

Contribution on: Modernização do direito e comparação jurídica: os desafios da circulação total em três atos

(*) On the Wire… of the IFITIS Research Programme (IUF senior 2016-2021) on « Full Movement beyond Control and the Law » (

COVID-19: a Matter of Flow and the Illusion of Control

We can see the COVID-19 pandemic as the manifestation of what I call “full movement beyond control.”

This phenomenon is the focus of an international and multidisciplinary research project: IFITIS.

So what’s it all about?

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Master international de Droit de la Coopération Economique et des Affaires Internationales

Visiting professor

Lecture on: Operating Intellectual Property Law in a Global Context

By video, March-April 2020

Bibliographie : Lectures d’ici et d’ailleurs

La fin du droit

D. McIlroy, The End of Law – How Law’s Claims Relate to Law’s Aims, Elgar Publishing, 2019, 189 p.

LPA 16 janv. 2020, n° 12, p. 17.

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Master BOOST – UCA –  Institut Sophia Agrobiotech

Lecture on Environmental Law (Global Perspective)


Syllabus and readings available on


Lecture on: Datasphere and Private International Law


Syllabus and readings available on

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IAE Nice – Executive MBA

Lecture on Business Law : a Global Perspective


Syllabus and readings available on

Challenges and Perspectives of Data Protection Authorities

International Conference

Organization : Grupos de Pesquisa em Direito e Internet

Dir. Cíntia Rosa Pereira de Lima (USP – Ribeirão Preto)

November 7-9, 2019 – Faculdade de Direito de Ribeirão Preto – Universidade de São Paulo (USP)


Contribution on « Full Movement Beyond Control of Data: The Structure and Challenges Faced by the CNIL »

Séminaire doctoral pluriannuel : Approches pluridisciplinaires et comparées des phénomènes dans la globalisation

Speakers : Prof Toshiko Takenaka (University of Washington and Keio University) and Prof Jean-Sylvestre Bergé (Université Côte d’Azur and Institut universitaire de France)

Direito e Internet IV – Quartier Latin/ Atlântico Pacífico (São Paulo), 2019, 652 p.

Ed. by Newton de Lucca, Adalberto Simão Filho, Cíntia Rosa Pereira de Lima; Renata Mota Maciel

Contribution on : Droit et circulation des données sur Internet : plaidoyer pour un double renouvellement des approches / Direito e Circulação de Dados na Internet : Apello por uma Dupla Renovação das Abordagens – pp. 585-628.

The Meaning of Free Trade Law in Four Acts

Available at SSRN:

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Aix-Marseille Université

Soft Law Research Network (Solar)

Final Event – Aix, October 17-18, 2019

Chair of the first round-table on national reports

Bergé, Jean-Sylvestre, The Circulation of People and Their Status in a Globalized World: What Circulation? (September 5, 2019).

Available at SSRN:

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Bibliographie : Lectures d’ici et d’ailleurs

Le concept juridique de monnaie

LPA 2019, n° 146, p. 19.

S. Gleeson, The Legal Concept of Money, Oxford University Press, 2018, 224 p.

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Lecture on « Advanced Introduction to Global Law »

Master degree in « Business Law » – 1rst year

Academic year: 2019/2020

Syllabus and readings available on et

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IFITIS RESEARCH PROGRAMME (IUF 2016-2021) – Third Edition

Forthcoming – Fourth Edition: Antecedent and Modal Approach to Situations in Motion (Nice, Spring 2020)


Edited by Newton De Lucca (USP – São Paulo), Cíntia Rosa Pereira de Lima (USP – Ribeirão Preto)

Editoria Almedina, in progress

Contribution on « Full Movement Beyond Control of Data: The Structure and Challenges Faced by the CNIL »

Bibliographie : Lectures d’ici et d’ailleurs

Le tournant décisif du droit privé

LPA 2019, n° 120, p. 20.

U. Mattei, A. Quarta, The Turning Point in Private Law, Edward Elgar, 2018, 171 p.

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Protección del Medio Ambiente. Fiscalidad y otras medidas del Derecho al Desarrollo / Comparative Environmental Taxation & Regulation in the Framework of the Right to Sustainable Development

Edited by A. Cubero and P. Masbernat

Aranzadi Thomson Reuters, 2019, 633 p.

Contribution on:  Full Movement Beyond Control and Environmental Governance: Taking Silent Risk Seriously (pp. 155-167)

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