University Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 – Project « Bourgeon » (support for the application of new project of research)

2015 – 2016

Topic: Compared and Interdisciplinary Approach of International and Regional Phenomenons

In collaboration with S. Harnay (economics), U. Mayrhofer (management), L. Obadia (anthropology)

EDIEC (Lyon – EA 4185) in collaboration with BETA (Nancy – UMR 7522) – MAGELLAN (Lyon – EA 3713) – LARHRA (Lyon – UMR 5190)

The project compared and interdisciplinary of international and regional phenomenons is given for objective to prepare the reflection necessary to the deposit in 2016 of a European program. This reflection relates to the manners of seizing the de facto situations international or suitable for a region of the world which are characterized by a overflow of the strictly internal framework in a State (national situations or infra-main roads). It comprises a double compared dimension (Europe – Latin America (Brazil) – North America (Canada)) and interdisciplinary (Law – Economy – Management – Sociology – Anthropology). Our assumption is that the differences in approaches epistemological which can be observed in these disciplines and spaces are largely ignored actors (in particular: citizens, companies and States), which explains, largely, their difficulties of playing the part which they would like to see being theirs in the control of these international and regional phenomenons.