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IFITIS Research Project – Brazilian workshops (11-21 September 2017)

Full Movement Beyond Control and the Law

  • São Paulo – USP – IEA – CAPES – Federal Court: Border Crossing Phenomenon and the Law: Challenges of Money and Crypto Currencies (coord. Prof C. Duran) – Multidisciplinary and Epistemological Approach of Border Crossing Phenomena (coord. Profs A. Pastore, J. F. Gonçalves) – Circulation of situations and Private/Public International Law (coord. Profs G. Monaco, C. Moises) – Full Movement of Data (coord. Prof. N. de Lucca)
  • Rio de Janeiro – UERJ – IAB: Border Crossing Phenomena and the Law: discussion on the state of the IFITIS research project (coord. Prof. J. G. Assis de Almeida)
  • Brasilia – UNICEUB/USP – Federal Bank – IDP: Full Movement of Money: the Bitcoin case in Brazil (coord. Prof M. Marinho) – Full movement of Waste: a comparative analysis (Brazil, Canada, EU) (coord. Prof. L. E. Borges)