Revista Brasileira de Politicas Pública

Direito e mundo digital

Vol 7 (3), dezembro 2017 – in progress

Responsáveis: Professores Dr. Gustavo Ferreira Ribeiro e Dra. Maria Edelvacy Pinto Marinho

Contribution with S. Grumbach on « The Datasphere as a New Paradigm for Relationship between Territories in Law »


Although many studies have been carried out on the way the law understands and deals with the digital revolution and particularly the Internet and, to a lesser extent, on the relationship between geography and the law, to our knowledge the datasphere as creating a new “space” for the law has received little attention. This contribution, written as a result of discussions between a computer scientist and a lawyer, challenges the constructions of international and European law at the emergence of this new subject and examines the relationships able to be formed with the territories. The “datasphere” is given a precise definition, which allows to revisit four currently relevant subjects: platform activity, the portability of digital content services in intellectual property law, the right to be delisted and the transatlantic transfer of personal data.