Master 1 Droit des affaires – Digital Law & IP

Master 2 DPI – Droit du numérique

Lecture on: Datasphere and the Law

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Course Description :

The rise of information technologies – smartphones, sensors spread across public and private spaces, data analytics – has led to the production of considerable amounts of data on human activity and the world around us. The quantity of data has increased exponentially, in parallel with Moore’s law, which predicted in 1965 that computers’ capacity would double every 18 months. Scientists have had to introduce new units of measurement such as zetta, denoting thousands of billions of billions (1021), to designate these orders of magnitude, which were known in the realm of natural sciences but, until recently, absent from the realm of human activity. Burgeoning data has given rise to a new space – the “datasphere” – a sort of image of the physical world, with traces of real-world activities, including our position at any given moment, our exchanges, the temperature of our homes, financial movements, trading of goods or road traffic. All of this poses a new challenge to the law, which now has to define its own relationship with this modern sphere.