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Lecture on « Advanced Introduction to Global Law »

Master degree in « Business Law » – 1rst year

Academic year: 2020/2021

Syllabus and readings available on https://lms.univ-cotedazur.fr

Course Description

The operation of law, in the variety of global legal situations, has a specific dynamism. In a single situation, several laws must sometimes be mobilised, alternatively, cumulatively, at the same time or at different moments, in one or several spaces, by one or by multiple actors. 

This distinctive dynamic, which the lawyer must be conscious of when passing from one context – national, international or regional – to another, has an influence over the law, its uses and, sometimes, its content. 

This lecture is a general presentation of a three steps method: comparison, combination and prioritisation of the Law in a global context.

Course Goals

The lecture conveys how the law is operated through a range of situations and concrete examples cutting across domains, including criminal law, contract law, fundamental rights, internal market, international trade, procedure.

The Lecture is aimed at a global perspective.

Illustrations of how lawyers have to combine different contexts are taken in various domestic case law including the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, the US, as well as France.