Lecture on: Datasphere and Private International Law


Syllabus and readings available on https://lms.univ-cotedazur.fr


The notion of “Datasphere” proposes  a holistic comprehension of all the « information » existing on earth, originating both in natural and socio-economic systems,  which can be captured in digital form, flows through  networks, and is stored, processed and transformed by machines. It differs from the “Cyberspace”, which is mostly concerned with the networks, the technical instruments (from software and protocols to cables and data centers) together with the social activities it allows, and to what extent they could/should be allowed.

This lecture reconsiders private international law methodology by way of case study in four hi­ghly topical areas: A. Platform activity; B. The portability of digital content services in intellectual property law; C. The right to be delisted; and D. The transatlantic transfer of personal data.