What came before our disciplines? What are our a priori? These questions, which come to us from the philosophy of science, have been the subject of much theorisation. The “ANTECEDENT” project (IDEX UCAjedi Chair) sets out to show how law – which is not strictly speaking a science – offers a way to revisit the contemporary usage, particularly in the philosophy of science, of prejudices, presuppositions, paradigms, beliefs, biases, etc. This involves creating and promoting a new legal epistemology that can feed into legal education and research as part of a fully interdisciplinary and international framework with both theoretical and practical dimensions. This ambition can only be achieved if we manage to develop and organise – on a sufficiently large scale – significant participation from different researchers in a process of critical reflection on the theories of knowledge.

In this presentation, Jean-Sylvestre Bergé proposes to reach out to computer scientists (with whom he had the opportunity to work in the past in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble and Nice) in order to draw the paths of possible collaborations in the future.

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